Our Story

Hello Friends!

Hello and welcome! Like many others, since 2020 I've been striving to be more intentional, navigating life with purpose, and celebrating the creativity and beauty around us.

I’m excited to bring to you a curated collection of unique jewelry and accessories crafted by artists and artisans from diverse backgrounds, producing work in small batches and pursuing their creative dreams.

I named the shop after a song that inspires my creativity —yep, the Talking Heads song. When I listen to a song or experience artwork in a gallery, I think about the artist: Where were they? What emotions were they experiencing, and what message were they trying to convey? I feel transported, inspired, more connected, gaining a broader perspective of the world. I hope you experience the same when interacting with the beautiful pieces from our shop because that is our intention.

And She Was was created as a place for those who are looking to slow down and feel more connected. You’ll find handmade objects, stories and artists that will inspire you.

Thanks for joining me in celebrating artists and objects that bring more creativity, connection, beauty and intention to the everyday.

I'm so glad you're here!